Boiler inductie magnetica


Boiler inductie magnetica- Split Magnetic Water Heaters

boiler electric cu inductie magnetica Constanta induction

boiler electric cu inductie magnetica Constanta induction

Functionarea boilerului se bazeaza pe principiul fizic al inductiei electromagnetice  tehnologia  utilizind  energia  electrica pentru a crea un camp magnetic in cadrul boilerului tip instant pentru a maximiza procesul de încălzire.

Boilerul cu inductie poate fi universal, deoarece incalzirea apei se face intr-un timp foarte scurt,folosindu-se functia principala si avantajoasa de producere apa calda menajera,dar si ca o centrala termica de apartament,incalzind si apa din instalatia termica.In acest caz poate incalzi maxim 50-60 mp/130-155mc,daca se achizitioneaza si rezistenta aditionala de 2kw la pretul de 300lei,suprafata de incalzire maxima este de 80mp(200mc). Avem solutii de marire putere cu rezistente ajutatoare de 2kw,4kw,6kw,putind incalzi spatii mult mai mari.  Instalarea se face legind sistemul termic cu tur retur,pompa de recirculare si un termostat ambiant,conducta de apa retea sau legare circuit inchis si legarea iesirii apei calde. Rezistenta se leaga pe tur, avand termostat,alimentindu-se la retea doar in caz de necesar putere suplimentara. Aceleasi rezistente le folosim la pompele de caldura.Se poate face si combinatie cu alt boiler cu serpentina,ajutor panouri solare,pompe de caldura,etc.

 Instalatia termica poate fi cu calorifere,recomandat max 35l apa, dar cel mai avantajos ar fi incalzire cu ventiloconvectoare, in pardoseala sau incalzire in plinta mai nou, avand in instalatie foarte putina apa si obtinandu-se  economie de energie, se pot incalzi si suprafete/volumuri mai mari.  Garantie 2 ani.



Panou prezentare boiler electric engleza-english: This is a new breakthrough in Geyser Technology that, after extensive testing, has obtained NRCS Certification

The geyser we are referring to is the Hi Temp Induction Water Heater. This technology utilizes electrical energy to create a magnetic field within the geyser to maximize the heating process and delivers the exact amount of Hot Water as a conventional Geyser in 1/3rd of the time saving you 60% plus in power consumption in heating water.

 The beauty of this geyser is not only in the Energy Saving but also the space taken to install and the price of course. You can now plan for smaller installation areas and increase possible living space. The unit can be installed anywhere as it is a pleasing to the eye. 

If you are looking to save space, save money, save energy and be more carbon neutral this is the Geyser of the Future.

We offer a 3 Years Warrantee on the Geyser which INCLUDES the Electrical components unlike other geysers that have 5 year Warranty on Cylinder and 1 year Warranty on Electrical Components

Split magnetic water heater consist of two parts:

  • storage tank geyser
  • induction generator unit


  • NCRS Certified
  • Factory fitted Temperature / Pressure valve included
  • Includes Safety pressure valve
  • 15 Amp plug connection
  • 3 year warranty on manufacture & material defects 


  • Split magnetic induction water heating
  • High quality insulation
  • Stainless steel water storage unit
  • Attractive plastic housing material
  • Wall mounted installation
  • Capacity: 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L
  • Power range required : 2000 – 4000w
  • Voltage : 220v
  • Standard plumbing fitting
  • Class 2 safety rating (no transfers of AC to contents)
  • 15 Amp plug connection
  • No maintenance costs

How the induction geyser works.

Using a magnetic induction process the water is heated more rapidly than conventional water geysers. The electrical supply to the generator in the unit is converted into a magnetic field which heats the water. There is no direct alternating current (AC) in close proximity to the water, which makes the unit safer than conventional geyser elements. The unit uses new temperature sensing technology that is more accurate than a conventional thermostat. The unit includes a high density thermal insulation layer, to sustain the water temperature.

Multiple protections in place like:

  • Dry Burn
  • Low/High heat
  • Low Voltage

Technical Aspects:

  1. The unit has a Class 2 safety rating, the first of its kind in the word, primarily because there is NO transfer of alternating current (AC) into the water or the holding tank.
  2. The risk of rupture of the geyser is eliminated as a built in temperature – pressure valve forms part of the unit (factory installed)
  3. The electrical configuration of the unit is such that the likelihood of switch leakage malfunction is reduced, as is the build-up of pipe rust & iron content in the water
  4. The unit includes a high density thermal insulation layer around the storage tank, which is made stainless steel and magnesium for increased product life.
  5. The geyser draws between 2kw – 4kw of power depending on the size of the geyser

Electricity usage:

To heat a conventional150lt geyser from20DegC to 65DegC takes two and a half hours and uses 7.8kw of electricity. To heat the same amount of water via the induction water heater will take approximately1 hour and uses approximately 2.5kw of electricity.

  • Operating cost approximately 1/3 of the cost of a conventional geyser
  • Substantial water saving due to location of the unit

What are the benefits?

  • Safety valves supplied
  • Easy to install
  • Quick access to hot water
  • Only uses power while heating
  • Saves water
  • Saves electricity
  • Saves space
  • Exceptionally safe
  • Only requires a 15 Amp plug point – just plug in and switch on!

 Ideal applications:

  • Affordable housing schemes
  • Simplex & cluster development
  • Sectional title developments
  • Schools / hostels
  • Clinics
  • Kitchenettes
  • Mine housing / Site accommodation
  • Hospitals

Leisure market:

  • Mobile homes
  • Caravans
  • 4×4 vehicles
  • Tented camps (bush and marine)
  • Hotels / bungalows / timeshare units
  • Houseboats






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