Panouri radiante Mensaheating


Panouri radiante Mensaheating


Panouri radiante Mensaheating sunt fabricate in Danemarca si in ultimii 5 ani sunt premiate ca cele mai inovative produse.

Prezentare video produse 2012

Vireoo – Professional

Vireoo – Professional is our eco-friendly outdoor heater developed and designed specifically for cafes and restaurants. Because our element is integrated into the base of the table soothing heat radiates into the toes and up through the rest of the body for longer, more comfortable stays.


Safe to touch

Vireoo – Professional is, as all Mensa Heating products safe to touch. Mensa Heating has developed this unique function, and is therefore able to provide 100% safe heat throughout our product line, due to our patent pending heat protection.


Eco-friendly warmth for longer outdoor seasons

Vireoo is Latin for ’I am green’, which is no coincidence as our product truly is the most eco-friendly outdoor heater on the market. Not only does Vireoo produce a fraction of the CO2 traditional heaters emit but, with its built-in motion sensors, the heater only engages when someone’s actually occupying the table, so you won’t needlessly pour money into thin air. Furthermore, Vireoo’s table integrated design means you can get rid of your old cumbersome heaters and use the extra space for more happy customers.


Lightning fast returns on investment

Vireoo’s technology reduces operating costs so dramatically you’ll feel it immediately. By switching to Vireoo from a traditional gas heater you’ll reduce your running costs several times over, (from in excess of €2,07 per hour to just €0,08).


Calculate savings

Calculate your savings and break even by switching to Vireoo – Professional by answering three simple questions. Download the cost sheet here.

Self-regulated heat

Because Vireoo – Professional has built-in motion sensors the heater only engages when there’s someone at the table. Not only does this reduce energy waste, it let’s your staff worry about more important things like keeping your customers served and happy, with the power to regulate the on/off switch themselves.

Tables that network

All our tables are equipped with a socket in the base of the product so you can network together up to five tables. We also provide a Mensa Heating cable-shield to elegantly hide the cables so there’s absolutely no risk of tripping over any wires.

 Vireoo in 3D

Mensa Heating now provides 3D SketchUp models allowing you to visualize our products on your patio, balcony, terrace or city space. The file can be downloaded for free – here.

Video presentation

A video of Mensa Heating’s complete 2012 product range can be viewed – here.

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